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New iPhone, the most desired and standard cellular phone of the planet, has become the main target of the SIM only deal suppliers. As it's a fashionable one and not affordable for everybody, the SIM only dealers are making an attempt to form a association between the SIM free iPhones and SIM only contracts to make it affordable for the general mass. By these value effective and exclusive deals each one can get an chance to  go for a cheaper iPhone deal. Almost all SIM only providers are now giving their present and new subscribers the iPhone deals of varied ranges. If still you're not familiar with the SIM only contract or deal then scan rigorously the next paragraph for a few basic knowledge on what the SIM only contracts are.

The concept of SIM only deal or contract comes with a view to give the user a bit additional flexibility as through this you'll be in a position to shift from one provider to another without changing the phone, because this deal is based on the SIM card or network service and no mobile phone is included in it. This deal enables you to use any SIM card of any network along with your existing handset. So it's easier for you to move from network to network with a minimum cost of just changing the SIM contract but your mobile will remain the same. So this is often helpful for you if you're interested to shift from your present provider but unable to get a new phone. 

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With this iPhone cell phone you'll enjoy completely different SIM only contracts or deals with a range of exciting additional benefits and gifts. These deals provide some very cheap plans for the new iPhone SIM only contract of short time period. But the simplest tariffs offered through these plans are for 12 months, 24 months and 36 months. If you wish to avoid wasting your cash using SIM only plans, then compare the deal details of various time periods and opt for the most effective deal for you which will offer you extra free minutes, text messages and data usage. 

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SIM free new iPhone have become the target of all SIM only dealers. Recently Apple has introduced the new wonderful and excellent new iPhone 4S SIM free handset. Now the users are free to use any contract with this newly released device. Though it appearance just like the previous version of the new iPhone (iPhone 4), it has some further features like the high finish processor, Siri voice recognition feature, camera with higher performance and many a lot of latest apps. This can be operated by iOS 5, the latest mobile operating system of Apple. 

See the official video of features and specifications of new Apple iPhone 4S here- 

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