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The New iPhone 5! The Facts & The Fictions

Apple has always been the first choice for most of us and that’s why we are a bit more excited regarding the new iPhone 5! Though we have already come to know a few dates as the new iPhone release date but all of them are nothing but rumors. You will find different rumors circulation on the web not only about release date but also about the specification and features of the new iPhone. But the truth is that many of these rumors are fiction based, not fact based. So, let’s determine which of these rumors are more likely to be truth and which are not.

the new iphone 5

Most people are estimating that the new iPhone 5 will have an ultra-modern retina display of over 4 inches and truly this is what we are waiting for a long. But, will this really happen? Well, according to several reports the display will not be bigger than 4 inches. This is because of the apps. Yes! If the new iPhone 5 gets a display bigger than 4 inches then the developers will have to redesign all the apps that are being used with present iPhone. But, still we haven’t come to know any news regarding this apps redesign. So, more likely the display will not be bigger than 4 inches.

the new iPhone 5

Some also say that the new iPhone 5 will have a teardrop design or something totally different from the existing design. Though nothing is certain but sorry to say that those who are waiting for this may have to be disappointed at the time of the new iPhone release. Because, Apple is more likely to keep the almost same design with a slight change to make the new iPhone 5 a more familiar device from the very beginning. But, I am saying that nothing is confirmed yet.

the new iPhone 5

Rumors also say that the new iPhone 5 will be a bit slimmer than the existing iPhone 4S. Yes! There is a good possibility that this may happen. According to sources the new iPhone 5 will have a smaller dock connector which indicates that it may be slimmer than the earlier versions of the Apple iPhone. But, this has also a drawback that the accessories being used with the existing iPhones will not be compatible with the new iPhone 5 if it gets slimmer with smaller dock connector.

the new iPhone 5

Finally, the most interesting fact is that I have mentioned the new iPhone as iPhone 5 all through the article but is there any guarantee that Apple will name their new phone as ‘iPhone 5’? Neither you nor I know the answer. So, we may have to wait a bit more until the new iPhone 5 gets released.

(All these images are fictitious)

2012 Olympic...welcome to london!!!!

Let’s go back to the year 2003 when the exciting bid for 2012 Olympic was placed. London participated with other big cities such as Rio de Janerio, Paris, New York City, Moscow, Madrid, Leipzi, Istanbul and so many others. Then after 2 years in 2005 London was announced the winner of that bid. Since then London has been getting prepared and has set a budget for almost £35 billion.

2012 olympic

London has prepared number of venues for Olympic Games 2012. The 4 cities of east London – Homerton, Leyton, Bow and Stratford have got a new look as the 2012 Olympic Games Park. London wants to create a positive impression worldwide and trying their best to come up with positive results. All the possible venues such as Lords, Excel, Earls Court, Wimbledon and others are well prepared to welcome the world. So, no doubt that the 2012 Olympic is going to be the most sustainable Olympic ever.

Are you planning to get into the 2012 Olympic Park? Well, don’t worry. There is Javelin for you which is a high speed shuttle and you can use this between Ebbsfleet international station and Pancras international station during the Olympic 2012 games. You may also hire private taxi or minicab if want to go in a relaxed mode. If you are coming here from abroad then you can take the international train for Stratford international. This will be more cost effective than traveling in plane.

2012 olympic

Joining such a great festival like 2012 Olympic is always exciting. But what about shopping? Well, they have made good arrangement for you. You can visit the Westfield shopping center which is close to the Olympic 2012 games stadium. With 5 floor and 270 stores this shopping mall a great place to shop. Don’t miss the chance. You will be happy to know that there is also a great cinema hall including 5 high-tech 3D screens which you shouldn’t miss at all.

Watch the exciting trailer of 2012 Olympic, London on YouTube

So, get ready as Bolt, Felps and others are ready on the track and London is ready to say you WELCOME!! Come and join me in this 2012 Olymic.

Wait a minute! Going to world's largest show without proper preparation!!! don't dress up like you are going office. It's a festival, So, Get a festive look with your exciting Olympic T-shirt, Cap and wear your National Flag Pin on that. Also don't forget to have the Olympic Official Book to be known about everything about London Olympic Park.

Visit iPod store & compare all prices to find the best deal for you

Apple is famous and legendary for its range of iPods and a mere visit to the iPod store will surely sweep you off your feet. With an iPod by your side, you'll be able to take your own music with you anywhere you would like. The longer battery life and therefore the beautiful features in these prior to its time iPods can surely astonish you to your wit's end.

ipod store

Irrespective of the situation you're in; may be you're traveling alone, hitting the gym, hiking or simply waiting for some one, these iPod will transform it slow into a pleasant and fun stuffed one. The portability of these iPods makes bound that they do not cause a problem when you would like them to tuck them in your little jean pockets. If you would like to check prices, it's advisable to personally visit the iPod store; but doing thus in these ages of advanced technology and state of the art contrivances will be an insult.

ipod store

Thus it is wise to travel with the World Wide Web and search and compare Costs online iPod store. New iPod costs can be gained with the assistance of a few mouse clicks and what additional, you can lay your hands on lowest costs for iPod shuffle, classic, touch, nano and abundant additional. To be precise, 2001 was the year which witnessed the inception of iPods and since then a decade has glided by. However not a single day has passed that could claim that the recognition of these iPods has lowered by any means that. iPod costs UK may vary substantially from iPod costs USA for a brand new iPod and there's nothing you can do regarding the discrepancy.

If you cut down your search, you may reach your most popular object sooner than you apprehended; for e.g if you're wanting a cheap iPod Touch for sale, then you are doing not would like to go looking entire iPod store, simply search the web for iPod Touch and whoa! There you're with only iPod Touch all around. Best iPod costs do not come to you by chance and you are doing should sweat it out (in fact not literally) and find the most effective deals out there by chipping in for a touch of time in front of the pc screen. If you already have an iPod and want to get latest apps then you can also get them from the iPod app store. Watch this video to find 5 best app store apps for your iPod.

Still facing difficulty to find out the best deals in online iPod store? Don't worry, Visit Amazon.Com and choose the deal that is simply appropriate for you.

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New MacBook Pro 13 safety case

In an exploration to search out the simplest case to be used with the new MacBook Pro 13, there is one that stands out from the remainder. The Speck SeeThru 13 has therefore abundant to supply, from its good color selections to its custom design.If you have never heard of Speck, it makes no difference because once you see the design of their cases, you may soon realize out that you have got stumbled upon a very detailed, finely-built product. You'll be able to tell that Speck thought of everything, nonetheless kept the look sleek and clean, keeping per the uncluttered look of the new MacBook Pro 13.

The initial issue to notice is that Speck designed this case specifically for the new MacBook Pro13. It incorporates a snug, custom fit and cut-holes that align perfectly and offer you easy accessibility to any or all of the ports and buttons, together with the CD/DVD drive. In truth, you'll be able to fancy all of the options and functions of the new MacBook Pro 13 without ever removing it from the case.The SeeThru 13 provides superior hard-shell protection while maintaining its low profile, thin style. 

Its light-weight has made this a top choice for portability. The durable polycarbonate material does a great job of keeping your new MacBook Pro 13 safe from dents and scratches.This case was designed to allow the user to completely open or close the case. While open, you get pleasure from full functionality of the laptop. This may be a nice feature and super convenient as a result of you do not have to remove the laptop from the case in order to use it. Pop the case cover open and you're smart to go. 

The new MacBook Pro 2012 stays firmly in place due to anti-slip rubber feet located inside the case.The very cool translucent look offers you vogue without being over the prime. It is just the proper mix to boost your device while not taking anything faraway from its stand-alone good appearance. The SeeThru 13 is on the market in deep hues of black, red, purple and pink to add flair and simply the right amount of color to the planning of the laptop.There are engineered-in vents to stay your laptop from overheating, that tells you once again that Speck thought of everything in the look of the SeeThru 13.

It is very straightforward to put in and take away the laptop from the case without causing damage to the laptop. The streamlined design offers great protection, while adding nearly no bulk, which makes it great for traveling and packing without seizing a heap of room.If you really want the simplest case for your new MacBook Pro 2012, consider the SeeThru Pro 13. This custom-designed case and your laptop build a excellent combination, every bringing out the most effective features of the other.If you're wanting for wonderful protection with a glance of easy sophistication, you will be well pleased with the Speck SeeThru Pro 13.
If you really care about your new MacBook Pro 2012 then get the cool Speck See Thru case to get your MacBook protected.

new macbook pro 13 safety case

Best iPad Apps: Explore thew world of apps....

If you're trying to reinforce your Apple expertise then the Apple app store is the best place to try and do so. It does not just have the best iPod apps however also have a variety of free apps for iPhone that you can use to urge the most out of your phone.
best iPad apps

While developing the iPod Touch, Apple paid extra attention to confirm that the consumers are given the most effective functionality in addition to efficiency. The company went a step more by giving the user the option to customize their gadget through use of respective applications. Depending on your necessities and monetary capacity you'll be able to either prefer to pay for your apps or go with the free iPod apps. Here are a few apps that are superb in a word. Check these out.

1. Face Time: One of the best iPad apps-

This could be a free iPod app that will allow you to easily connect with friends. This app falls in the multimedia class of best iPod touch apps, it permits you to video call friends that also have an iPod touch, iPhone, iPad 2, or a Macover Wi-Fi. All you would like to work this app is an e-mail address and an Apple ID.

best iPad apps

2. iMovie App: Another best iPad apps

This is a movie maker application that you can purchase from the Apple store. The beauty of this app is that it affords you the capability to form instant mini-movies on your iPod. The iPod comes equipped with a HD camera that conjointly lets you to take 720p videos, creating it attainable for you to record epic memorable moments to share together with your friends later. This multimedia category of the best apps for iPod touch  comes equipped with Apple themes, designs, transitions and titles.

3. Best iPad apps: Netflix-

If you are a showtime or sports lover with a busy schedule, you not have to worry regarding missing out on your favorite movie, TV show or game. The Apple store offers a variety of best iPod apps that can let you retain latest on-the-go. You'll be able to get the Netflix app on your iPod free and catch up on all of your favorite programs. To use the app you will simply ned a Netflix subscription and a Wi-Fi connection. The ESPN ScoreCenter app is the answer for all busy sports lovers. It helps you to follow your team of alternative, providing you with details on their upcoming and ongoing games plus current team stats.

For best iPad accessories visit AMAZON.COM now and select from a wide range of products.

Apple iPod Touch 32GB...Go & Grab it

Apple offers an unbelievable iPod together with the features of iPod, video camera, transportable games player, iPod Touch, pocket computer all in a very single unit which is familiar as an Apple iPod Touch 32 GB 4th generation (white).No need to say what the Apple's iPod Touch is as this is not new to us. Apple iPod touch 32 GB 4th generation has iOS 5 and brings with it a bucket of options. It's prominent option is the iCloud where data automatically match with different iCloud devices. Another necessary feature of iPod is that it's iMessage by which you'll be able to keep in touch with your friend over the internet which is totally free. You will additionally be ready to send document, videos, games, photos and contacts.

iPod touch also provides you a great experience of social networking through the Game center. You'll be able to form teams with  friend and invite friends for networking. Apple's iPod additionally form seamless network with Twitter integration and you will be in a position to get pleasure from it from Safari, Camera, You Tube, Photos with help of iOS 5.Those who want to stick with the wireless carrier, they ought to get an greater experience of Apple's latest iPod touch 32 GB 4th generation .People who wish to get unimaginable finger experience they also can get an Apple's iPod touch that has the highest touch resolution technology.

The 32 GB of solid flash memory give you as a save storage of your music, videos, photos and text. Here you may have basic trimming video that can be performed on the iPod touch, while more advanced video you can edit through iMove apps that is store in your iPod. iOS 5 allows you a wide range of features ,as well as multitasking, accessibility function for those with disabilities. Volume control provides you create quick adjustment .Integrated speaker can offers you casual listening. Apple iPod touch 32GB fourth generation also gives you prime quality audio expertise. The iPod touch additionally supports stereo headphone .The high-tech technology battery will give you autonomy 40 hours of music or video playback of 7 hours. You ca charge iPod touch up to 80% capacity in concerning a pair of hours and full in concerning 4 hours, Download thousands of music, videos, text, with multi-touch accelerometer, real time and 3D graphics. It will not only allow you to create a bookmark of web page, save a net page and but also will allow you to create your home page. It will additionally give you iTunes as set your home screen layout and create folder in your iPod. It's easy and comfortable to surf the online from your iPod.

Apple iPod touch 32GB 4th generation has 2 cameras front and back for taking high resolution photos and videos with the connectivity of Wi-Fi. This device is also capable to video chats and to send sms. Internal powerful device of game center additionally offers you amazing gaming expertise with help of iOS 5, App store connects with the touch screen that allows you multitasking ,check email, and a lot of more. iPod touch is only 7.2mm thin which is the thinnest touch device. The glass and back pack is with chrome steel which provides the superb looking and sturdiness. It has 3.5" retina display same as iPhone 4. this device also has four times more pixel so human eyes cannot see individual pixel. These four pixels made the picture ultra-sharp graphics, pictures, games, videos, perfect and iBooks.

iPod Touch also contains a features of pop-up QUERTY keyboard that allow you to type email or search videos, music image or document. The iPod touch has same A4 processor that's only found within the iPhone 4 and iPad. This device performs complicated multitasking.

SIM Free new iPhone !!!

New iPhone, the most desired and standard cellular phone of the planet, has become the main target of the SIM only deal suppliers. As it's a fashionable one and not affordable for everybody, the SIM only dealers are making an attempt to form a association between the SIM free iPhones and SIM only contracts to make it affordable for the general mass. By these value effective and exclusive deals each one can get an chance to  go for a cheaper iPhone deal. Almost all SIM only providers are now giving their present and new subscribers the iPhone deals of varied ranges. If still you're not familiar with the SIM only contract or deal then scan rigorously the next paragraph for a few basic knowledge on what the SIM only contracts are.

The concept of SIM only deal or contract comes with a view to give the user a bit additional flexibility as through this you'll be in a position to shift from one provider to another without changing the phone, because this deal is based on the SIM card or network service and no mobile phone is included in it. This deal enables you to use any SIM card of any network along with your existing handset. So it's easier for you to move from network to network with a minimum cost of just changing the SIM contract but your mobile will remain the same. So this is often helpful for you if you're interested to shift from your present provider but unable to get a new phone. 

                            new iPhone

With this iPhone cell phone you'll enjoy completely different SIM only contracts or deals with a range of exciting additional benefits and gifts. These deals provide some very cheap plans for the new iPhone SIM only contract of short time period. But the simplest tariffs offered through these plans are for 12 months, 24 months and 36 months. If you wish to avoid wasting your cash using SIM only plans, then compare the deal details of various time periods and opt for the most effective deal for you which will offer you extra free minutes, text messages and data usage. 

                            new iPhone

SIM free new iPhone have become the target of all SIM only dealers. Recently Apple has introduced the new wonderful and excellent new iPhone 4S SIM free handset. Now the users are free to use any contract with this newly released device. Though it appearance just like the previous version of the new iPhone (iPhone 4), it has some further features like the high finish processor, Siri voice recognition feature, camera with higher performance and many a lot of latest apps. This can be operated by iOS 5, the latest mobile operating system of Apple. 

See the official video of features and specifications of new Apple iPhone 4S here- 

So, what are you waiting for?? Go to Amazon.Com now and find the best deal for your new iPhone 4S.

All new Apple MacBook Pro....Do You Need this??

Apple has finally introduced the latest generation MacBook Professional 15.4 version with the retina display at the event of WWDC 2012 (world wide developer conference). The width of this device is 0.71 inch. Apple stated that this is the foremost beautiful and best laptop they have ever manufacture. Report from the insider of Apple, (12/6/2012) Tuesday, latest product of Apple was launched as skilled ultra thin laptop that includes retina display of high resolution. The latest version of MacBook Professional was unveiled by the marketing chief of Apple. 

The 15.4 inch MacBook Pro has a resolution of 2880 x 1880 pixels that is comparable to the density of 220 pixels/inch. Marketing chief of Apple said, “Today we have a tendency to have updated the MacBook with higher graphics, faster processors, advanced memory, storage and USB connectivity . We have a tendency of attempting to form a family of best transportable laptops around the planet and we tend to believe that users will love the advance performances of the newest and fastest MacBook Pro laptop. 

The most recent generation of Macbook Pro laptop runs on Intel Ivy Bridge i7 and ready to configure the RAM up to 16 GB. Apple successfully added 2 thunderbolt port, HDMI and 2 USB 3 ports for faster connectivity. There is still no clear declaration that what will happen to their other product while MacBook will be started to come back in the market. Authority of Apple is expecting the greatest client interests in the most recent MacBook Pro Laptop due to its latest and advanced technology that have added. 

Apple is creating 3D map


Apple has revealed that a 3D map is being created in competition with Google over the online map directly. It is meant to observe the iPhone users once they drive for making live maps of the traffic congestion. This live map encompasses a flyover feature which can let the users fly virtually around the most important cities. Apple has aimed to use real time data from the users of iPhone to stay the traffic data recent. The traffic monitoring is one in every of the elements of recent satellite navigation that feature in this maps app.

Analysts' saying that the decision of abandoning Google maps is kind of almost like mapping war as Google map was providing mapping information for the users of iPhone since 2007 when it had been introduced first. Sidelining the service of Google map, Forstall said that iOS6; the new operating software can start with a replacement mapping system. Previously close partner Google is currently the largest competitor of Apple with the Android operating system within the market of smartphone. On the other hand, facebook is the most important boost from Apple going deep into the iPad and iPhone software.

With the iOS6 software, it can be possible to update the facebook standing of Phone users. Forstall additionally said that it can be attainable to like apps and flicks in iTunes store of Apple. He also mentioned that the voice command application of Apple; Siri will add new languages including Korean, Chinese, Spanish and several more. Siri can be in a position to launch movies and applications at the commands of its users. But is not clear whether or not Apple will run iPads, iPhones and iPod touches once the discharge of iOS6. At present, Apple is expecting to bring the following version of iOS6 in the market.    

Apple reveals new iPad Smart Case


After the comprehensive address at this WWDC (World Wide Developer's Conference), another new product is added by Apple to 2012 line up and that's the iPad Smart Case. The Good Case mainly improves its predecessor, the magnetic cover for the iPad that covers each the rear and front of the device. While the up gradation was not enough ought to have an onstage announcement like details about iOS half dozen, it is still smart news for the users of iPad.  

The newly revealed Good Case's magnetic screen flap exactly works because it did with Smart cowl, but the new factor is it's integrated into matching polyurethane back. It is still doable to fold the duvet back so as to prop up iPad for video viewing or typing. It is quite easy that the additional coverage or protection comes with additional value. The cost of the Good Case is $10 that is more expensive than good cover. The Good Cases have come back in all the colours of Sensible cover's polyurethane like light-weight gray, dark grey, blue, green and pink- additionally to new red that was previously available solely in the lather version of Good Cover. However this sort is really expensive.

Furthermore, newly revealed Sensible Phone Case has a brand of Apple on its back which will facilitate to show the branding of iPad and can be engraved at no additional charge. While writing this article, it's not clear whether apple thinking of replacing the Good Cover by the new Smart Case as a result of the Sensible Covers are still present at the marketplace for purchase. Still the web site of Apple is providing Smart Covers to the users of iPad. At last, it's noticeable that New Smart Case is helpful over the previous Good Cover.