The New iPhone 5! The Facts & The Fictions

Apple has always been the first choice for most of us and that’s why we are a bit more excited regarding the new iPhone 5! Though we have already come to know a few dates as the new iPhone release date but all of them are nothing but rumors. You will find different rumors circulation on the web not only about release date but also about the specification and features of the new iPhone. But the truth is that many of these rumors are fiction based, not fact based. So, let’s determine which of these rumors are more likely to be truth and which are not.

the new iphone 5

Most people are estimating that the new iPhone 5 will have an ultra-modern retina display of over 4 inches and truly this is what we are waiting for a long. But, will this really happen? Well, according to several reports the display will not be bigger than 4 inches. This is because of the apps. Yes! If the new iPhone 5 gets a display bigger than 4 inches then the developers will have to redesign all the apps that are being used with present iPhone. But, still we haven’t come to know any news regarding this apps redesign. So, more likely the display will not be bigger than 4 inches.

the new iPhone 5

Some also say that the new iPhone 5 will have a teardrop design or something totally different from the existing design. Though nothing is certain but sorry to say that those who are waiting for this may have to be disappointed at the time of the new iPhone release. Because, Apple is more likely to keep the almost same design with a slight change to make the new iPhone 5 a more familiar device from the very beginning. But, I am saying that nothing is confirmed yet.

the new iPhone 5

Rumors also say that the new iPhone 5 will be a bit slimmer than the existing iPhone 4S. Yes! There is a good possibility that this may happen. According to sources the new iPhone 5 will have a smaller dock connector which indicates that it may be slimmer than the earlier versions of the Apple iPhone. But, this has also a drawback that the accessories being used with the existing iPhones will not be compatible with the new iPhone 5 if it gets slimmer with smaller dock connector.

the new iPhone 5

Finally, the most interesting fact is that I have mentioned the new iPhone as iPhone 5 all through the article but is there any guarantee that Apple will name their new phone as ‘iPhone 5’? Neither you nor I know the answer. So, we may have to wait a bit more until the new iPhone 5 gets released.

(All these images are fictitious)